Production Services

Full Moon Creative brings your brand to Life!

Creative Development Services

We develop scripts, storyboards, and production notes based on our client's needs.

  • Original Concept Creation

  • Treatments

  • Scripting

  • Story Board Creation 

  • Customizable Branding Strategies 

  • Social Media Management and Marketing

  • Strategic Digital Distribution

  • YouTube Channel Management + Optimization

On Location Production Services

On location we use various camera techniques and team members to make sure we get the right shots! 

  • 4K/HD Sony FS7 And Blackmagic Cinema Camera

  • Panasonic Gh4 with Gimbal 

  • DJI Ronin Gimbal with Support

  • Cinema and Film Packages

  • 10’ Portable Camera Crane

  • Full Eng Audio Setup

  • Portable Teleprompter

  • Arri Lighting Packages

  • 1X1 Led Light Panels

  • Camera Slider

  • Drone for Aerial Videography and Photography

Post Production Services

Editing is where we blend all of the elements together and the story comes to life.

  • 4K and HD Editing

  • Graphic Design

  • 3-D Animations

  • Motion Graphics

  • DVD Building and Authoring 

  • DVD Duplication and Replication

  • Dubbing, Logging, & Transferring 

  • File and Web Compression

  • Davinci Resolve Color Grading

Digital Photography

Need an event or corporate function photographed in high quality for memories, social media or internal use? 

  • Behind the Scenes Documenting

  • Landscapes and Nature

  • Product Shots

  • Events